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Our range of undergraduate, graduate and professional development courses offer you the choice of taking on short or long terms programs to further your creative career. With a focus on the visual, we offer programs in Communication, Advertising and Game Art, with curricula developed in partnership with our campuses in Paris and Aix-en-Provence as well as industry leaders such as Ubisoft.

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Undergraduate in Visual Communication & Digital Design

Technology and design together, are leading the world through its most monumental transformation, and you can be part of this movement. Ecole Intuit.lab’s 4 year undergraduate program in graphic design prepares you for careers in Art Direction, Digital Design, Brand Strategy and a host of other creative industries.

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Undergraduate in Game Art & Design

A 3 year undergraduate program, with an optional fourth year, to master the field of game art design, covering character design, game culture, virtual reality, and more. The curriculum is designed in partnership with Ubisoft, a French video game publisher with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, with studios in both Mumbai and Pune. Students are brought in for a practical internship during their study.

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Professional Co-Op in Art Direction

A unique creative 10-month course where students will learn how to work like professionals, by alternating between classroom projects and agency stints throughout the course. The dual role of student and agency professional prepares you to adapt swiftly, evolve quickly and ultimately, finish industry-ready.

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Postgraduate in Advertising, Design & Digital Communication

A full-time 18 month program that provides an in-depth understanding of Advertising, Branding, Design, Digital and Communication Strategies. Real-time client projects and group work, in addition to workshops with industry stalwarts and a mandatory 3-month internship prepares the students for the world of design and transforms them into innovative professionals.

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Bootcamps for Game Art Learners & 3D Artists

Boost your skills rapidly over 15 weeks. From the fundamentals of design to becoming an industry-ready game designer, immerse yourself in the game development process. Learning extends from softwares and techniques to an expertise in art, aesthetics and an exposure to the production cycles of games. Choose between a learner camp or a 3D specialisation.

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Founded in 2001 by a team of academicians and professionals, ecole intuit.lab bridges the gap between the commercial world and the world of pure art. The institute strives to produce highly skilled professionals attuned to the needs of the graphic design and visual communication industry, and equipped to address the challenges set forth by the digital era.

With three campuses (Paris, Mumbai, Aix-de-Provence) and 25 partner universities in North & South America, Europe and Asia, intuit.lab’s strong international presence encourages reflection, learning, and understanding of design and its interaction with the society we live in.

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